Ken can challenge the Golden Boot race at the forefront, these giants

The Golden Boot is awarded to the highest scorer in the FIFA World Cup. For this award, there is a great fight between star players from around the world.

There are some legendary soccer players in the 2018 FIFA World Cup, among whom there is a competition to make this award their name. At present, England captain Harry Kane is at the forefront of winning the Golden Boot award. Ken has scored 6 goals in this tournament.
हैरी केन

Challenging Harry Kane's 6 goals is difficult, but not impossible. If France's legendary footballer Antonio Gregman and young star Kylian Mbeeppe make 3 or more goals in the final match, then they too will have a big chance.

Let's take a look at which footballer is currently at the forefront of the Golden Boot race in this tournament:

FIFA World Cup 2018 How many goals

1. Harry Kane (England) - 6 goals

2. Cristiano Ronaldo (Portugal) - 4 goals

3. Dennis Cherishche (Russia) - 4 goals

4. Romelu Lukaku (Belgium) - 4 goals

5. Antonio Grizman (France) - 3 goals

6. Artem Djuga (Russia) - 3 goals

7. Diego Costa (Spain) - 3 goals

8. Eden Hazard (Belgium) - 3 goals

9. Edison Kawani (Uruguay) - 3 goals

10. Kylian Embape (France) - 3 goals

11. Yeri Meena (Colombia) - 3 goals

Golden boot winner in the last 4 World Cup

World Cup 2014: James Rodriguez (Colombia) - 6 goals

World Cup 2010: Thomas Muller (Germany) - 5 goals

World Cup 2006: Miroslav Klose (Germany) - 5 g

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