FIFA World Cup: Today's Battle of Belgium and England

Belgian and England will face face-to-face in the third place match of the FIFA World Cup from 7:30 in the evening. The two teams will certainly not be able to reach the World Cup final, but now it is time that both of them can take a new end and can return home with happiness.

France did not allow Belgium to go into the final by defeating them in a tough match. England's team also lost 1-2 to Croatia after being ahead of one goal and missed the final for the second time.

The good thing for Belgium is that Thomas Munier, who is sitting out in the first semi-final, is returning to the match and it can be a headache news for England.

Belgian played a spectacular game against France. In the first half, he had invaded more than France and his defense had done a great job.

But after the goal in the second half, the team was disintegrated under the pressure of the big match. In this match, Belgium will have to refrain from repeating this mistake. At the same time, Lomelu Lucaku will have to come forward and co-operate with Eden Hejard.

The challenge of stopping England captain Harry Kane and Jesse Lingard in front of Belgium's defense will be the challenge. These three proved to be ineffective in the other semi-final and that is why they will be more dangerous if they intend to improve their mistakes in this match.

All three of them had lost many chances to score against Croatia. If that opportunity turned into goals, then the format of this World Cup would have been different.

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