FIFA World Cup: Belgium beat England by 3 points

Belgian defeated England 2-0 in the third place match of the FIFA World Cup played at the St Petersburg Stadium on Saturday. Both teams were once considered to be the strong contenders of the title, but since the defeat in the semi-finals, the match of the third place for both of them became the biggest match, where Belgium took on the success.

Belgium was aggressive from the very beginning and had weakened England's defense and attack. Belgium scored in the fourth minute and put England in the pocket.

Thomas Muneer returned to this charisma for him. Thomas was out in the first semi-final match. They did this round by Nasir Chadli on the left side, given to Cross Cross.

Thomas stood in front of the goal. He easily put the ball in the net and put his team ahead with one goal. In the 12th minute Belgium would have doubled their lead, but England's goalkeeper Jordan Pickford denied Kevin de Bruy's shots as a shield and saved the ball well.

Belgium was constantly attacking and pressuring England. Meanwhile, Rahim had an opportunity in the 23rd minute to make it equal to England's goal goal. Although he missed it Belgian got the first corner in the 35th minute. Toby Alderwired ball is playing the ball up here.

In the first half, England kept the ball over with it, but he could not make the chance to score goals and the chance came in hand, he could not give it a phoenix. This story of Half continued in the second half also.

Whether the English players are Harry Kane, as well as the langards, the Kieran Tripeer or Marcus Rutherford, could not reach the end of all occasions. England also got some corners, which they let go.

In some way, in the 70th minute, Eric Dyer made a move with Rashford, who was named off-side. Three minutes later, Dyer made another move and with the help of the ball trip, brought him to the langard, who played him over the bar.

England's attack was weak and his defense could not even work. Although his goalkeeper Pickford did not allow Belgium to make the second goal in the 80th minute with an excellent defense. In this minute De Bruyne gave the ball to Eden Hejard, who passed Muneer. Picker's great shot of Pickwick stopped him from diving.

Pickford, however, could not stop the goal from reaching the goal in the 82nd minute. This time, Hejard put Belgium's ball in the net and put Belgium ahead 2-0. That's the result of the match too.

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