Dr. Hathi of Tarak Mehta used to drink daily! Neighbors Opened Secrets

Due to the death of Dr. Hathi, i.e. Poet Kumar Azad, of TV show Tarak Mehta's Ulta Chashma, the wave of hobbies has been running in the show's fans. Not only the fence but also the entire TV industry can be from this news. The reason for the death of Kavi Kumar Azad was called Heart Attack. However, a neighbor of Kavi Kumar Azad told a newspaper that Azad used to drink alcohol regularly and even a day before his death, he used to drink alcohol with friends.

Dr. Hathi of Tarak Mehta used to drink daily! Neighbors Opened Secrets

According to reports, Kavi Kumar was suddenly complained of chest pain on Monday morning, after which he was immediately taken to Wockhardt Hospital in Mumbai. At that time they were unconscious. But the doctors declared him dead in the hospital.

Did the death of Hansraj Hathi of Tarak Mehta really result from drinking alcoholic beverages? Well, it can not be said strictly.

But let's tell that the weight of this actor was 254 kg, which led to a lot of difficulty in moving. In October 2010, he reduced his weight by 80 kg through bariatric surgery. Kumar Kumar was very happy with this change in his body.

He said in an interview, "I had lost 80 kgs of surgery as if my life changed. After the weight loss, I started life again. People who came to see me often would have been surprised that I How much has changed. "

Tarak Mehta ... the shooting was done by the producer of the show, Kansas before death

A photo was posted a few days ago by the actor's Twitter account. In this picture, the actor had said, someone said that tomorrow should not happen, I say it may not be the moment. Live every lam The TV industry has suffered a great setback due to the death of the actor.

How does regular drinking alcohol affect the heart?

High intake of alcohol causes the muscles of the heart to weaken so that the blood reaching the heart does not reach it at the right place. Apart from this, it can also lead to heart attack, stroke and high BP.

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