Car parked on the road stolen 3.62 lakhs in five minutes

Ahmedabad: A racket of cars broke out against the Rajpath club on the SG Highway in the city, carrying a bag of rupees worth Rs 3.62. Satyabhama, who had a car service garage, went to RTIGS in Axis Bank when the sticks broke up and stole the car's glass.

Shahbaz Shah, a resident of the Aswari Tower on the Satellite Road, and car service garage has complained of stealing at the Vastrapur police station. On Sunday, on the road opposite Rajpath Club, Sahibbhai had parked his car and went to RSGS in Axis Bank.

In five minutes, Siddhbhai got out of work and got out. When the car reached a distance from the car, he was standing on the side because his car was sounding. If you saw the car behind the car, the glass was broken, and the car was missing Rs 3.6 lakh.

Vastrapur police have started investigations by filing a crime. The gang has been actively trying to steal the glass of the car in the Vastrapur area. On Monday, a bag of rupees five thousand rupees had gone missing from the car parked in front of ICICI Bank on the Sindhu Bhawan Road in Vatapara, in which the police started investigations. Both of these cases have been found to involve one gang.

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